Get your amazing study experience in Europe!

Private Consultations with our Mentors

Mentoring consultations are the fastest way to find out what your next study destination in Europe will be! Studying in Europe is prestigious, cultural and affordable!

Consultations are given by experienced educational consultants which will present you with prestigious universities, countries, admission criteria and enrollment procedures for Europe. They are done via skype and last up to 1 hour, during which your personal study advisor will answer all your questions you will have regarding your studies abroad and resolve all you dilemmas.

consultations ino agency

  • Mentor reviews your CV in order to learn your profile
  • Suggests a potential colleges and scholarships
  • Explains how to apply and when are the application deadlines
  • Makes a to do list of things that a candidate needs to do before applying
  • Provides a list of required documents via e-mail
  • Discuss tuition fee, travelling and lodging expenses
  • Pushes you to innovate yourself!

Price: $50

Application Plan

Creating an individual, personalized plan with 20-30 appropriate study programs for the candidate based on their needs, interests and options, which we gather via our questioners designed to acquire precise information on the candidate. In the questionnaire you can stress which country you are interested in, as well as the programs, prices and length of studies

The application plan contains up to 30 programs: Name of the specific program, university, location, website link of the program, application deadline, specific program requirements, tuition fee and length of the program.

14089983055_af729e023b_bThis plan will shorten the time of your search, and save you from stress of endless nights by the computer. We will find the best programs for you, at public and private universities which meet your academic and financial capacities, as well as the dreams to discovers Europe. Why paying $50000 per year in US, when you can pay 10 or 20 times less in Europe, receive excellent education and experience European life!

Price: $300

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