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Ino Agency is the fastest growing Balkan and leading Serbian agency working in the fields of International Education Recruitment and Consulting. We represent more than 100 universities and schools globally and recruit hundreds of students every year from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and other countries.

Founded in 2014, Ino Agency provides services and support to institutions all around the world. Student recruitment and counselling, administrative support for applications and visa, PR and event organisation for universities, brand management and marketing. The founder of the agency Ana Marija Popović is one of the most prominent Serbian experts on academic mobility and education. She is European Commission and German Marshall Fund fellow, and holds a joint Master degree from University Sorbonne, University Padova and KU Leuven.

As a company we have extensive network or contacts with students throughout the SEE regions, providing institutions easier access to students and local stakeholders. Our websites on studies abroad are main source of information for Balkan students and generate more than half million visits per year. We have two offices, in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

We run 3 regional sites on education and work abroad:

Kako na master (in Serbian), Kako na Posao (in Serbian), Studimet Jashte Vendit (in Albanian) which are seen as the main source of information for anyone aiming to study abroad.

To our partners we offer:

RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITIES: If you are looking for more students from our regions do join our network.

ADMISSION CONSULTING: We can consult and provide administrative support for all public and private universities, as well as for students interested to enroll.

MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES: We can advertise your Universities trough PR texts, banners and social networks, organize events and promotional presentations.

TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES: We create and provide different training options, but we also work trough franchise, selling trainings of your company or organization.

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